Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kathmandu Turning Into Dhulomandu

Back in our school days we all might have written a whole load crap in our exams about Melamchi Drinking Water Project, isn't it??? I believe Melamchi was one of the most popular topic which every Nepalese school students of this past decade or more are aware of. And currently the same project is being carried out in our valley Kathmandu and is scheduled to be finished this 2017 (Source).

When I was in school way back like 10-11 years ago I was taught about this project. We read that it was a 5 year project and is being carried out that time. My school life completed, I graduated from the college and now I'm working for a particular company and still there was no sign of anything about this project. Well I wasn't expecting this project to be completed anytime soon as we are all familiar with how slow our government works. Now since the works for this project is going on, it is a good thing. (Source)

Well this was me babbling about our pathetic government. Lets move onto the real issue. We all are familiar with the air pollution of Kathmandu. It was already at its peak because of the increase in number of vehicles and urbanization. Now since the tunnels are being dug on the highway for this Melamchi air pollution in Kathmandu has turned from bad to worse.

A facebook post from a particular nepalese facebook page from 01/03/2017
Read the article from this link to find out more about air pollution in Nepal
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the result of real time air quality index of Pulchowk, Kathmandu taken at 02/03/2017
Presently, air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate in capital and so does the respiratory diseases. Living inside capital for the chronic respiratory disease patients has become very difficult. If nothing is done then who knows our city once again may be in the headlines of the news channels all around the world for a deadly epidemic. So far our good for nothing government is doing nothing to stop this issue. 

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  1. we nepalese are very strong built you know. we can handle this. we have lungs that can withstand almost anything you know. we can withstand anything. the way we are handling our politicians and the things that our good for nothing government is posing on us i think we are okay with this as well. anything goes in nepal we nepalese can handle it. how??? by remaining silent you know... fucking silent...