Saturday, April 11, 2020

Facebook is Blocking Users for 72 Hours for Sharing a Simple Picture

For the past week, hundreds of Facebook users have been blocked for a period of 72 hours for being the victim of a weird pic-sharing scam.

If someone sends you a picture of an old man with a black shorts and a cap and asks you to send it to them on facebook or share it, please don’t.

The picture in question appears to be simple an old man posing for a photo somewhere on the beach. I have confirm that it indeed works and it will get you blocked by Facebook for 72 hours. The picture might seem quite innocent at first but on a closer look, you can clearly see that a part of the picture has been censored. As a result, Facebook will consider it to violate the “Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” and will block you for three days because that picture states children sex offense.

Here’s a screenshot of the notification that appears if you have indeed shared the pic,
No more posting on Facebook for 72 hours

No more messaging or calling for 72 hours on Facebook messenger
Fortunately, you will be able to view your profile, your news-feed and receive calls from Facebook messenger but wont be able like, post and share plus call and message on Facebook messenger

One of my friend shared me that her account was blocked for 72 hours since a friend of hers asked her to share that pic to him through Instagram. This might be a stupid prank for most users but take a moment to think about what impression you are creating of your friends at Facebook. Its a whole nation lockdown time here at Nepal because of Corona and probably some good for nothing people are using this as a means to prank people.

Due to the original image being considered sexually explicit, I'm uploading a cropped version of the picture.
This guy seems innocent but he is not he can block your account for 72 hours
Looks lilke this old man might be some distant relative of Mark Zuckerberg lol. Jokes aside I've already tried and have my id blocked for 72 hours from Facebook. My Facebook account doesnt really matter to me since I've stopped using it for years. Gaichhh, stay safe during this lockdown period and dont share anything to anyone which appears to be suspicious. Otherwise with you, your account may also share the fate of lockdown from Facebook.


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