Sunday, January 22, 2017

CatchyRoad The Rising Local Business Directory Of Nepal

CatchyRoad is one of the rapidly growing local business directory of Nepal for both large and small business, organization and companies who are seeking a place to be visible online on the internet. The most eye-catching feature of CatchyRoad is that it is easy to use and products or business can be listed, searched and discovered very quickly.

CatchyRoad simply aims to be one of the top local business directory of Nepal that connects businesses with local people who are in need for the same. This helps people to discover the type of businesses and the services that they are seeking. 

Here at CatchyRoad anyone can open an account for free and create and register countless amount of company profiles containing details and information, news, videos, pictures, reviews, events and offers, etc. relating to a registered company. 

CatchyRoad is one of the most active free local business directory of Nepal which partners with the businesses and aids the general public who are searching for local companies and business offers. CatchyRoad already has over 10K up-to-date Nepalese businesses listed on the database to make it easy for the public to discover a local business services in their locality. 

All of the listed businesses are reviewed by their highly experienced and strict editors and they ensure that the provided information are of highest quality, latest and up-to-date. "Our Nepalese local business directory is very search engine friendly and listing your business in our CatchyRoad will give a guaranteed recognition on Google and other popular search engines", boasts Rohit Jung Kunwar who is the founder of CatchyRoad.

"CatchyRoad doesn’t only give you a name and address in our directory. Many of our businesses that we list in our database and directory includes useful extra information like the facilities they provide, their payment methods, opening/closing times, maps, directions, photos, videos, website links and load of other details and information", underlines Niwa Gurung who is the Marketing Executive of CatchyRoad. 

Whether you're a freelancer working for a small projects or a CEO of a large company working in a larger project, CatchyRoad has a space for you and your business in their online local business directory in Nepal. And I sincerely hope that this Nepalese local business directory will achieve success in the future. Well wishes from my end...


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