Monday, January 30, 2017

Some Interesting Websites That You Must Visit

Webpages on the internet are so huge in number that you cannot explore every single website in your lifetime. Each day thousands of websites are created and they all are developed for the different purpose. Some may be for official, some may be for blogging, some for marketing, etc. Some of them may be helpful for a particular person, but the same website may not be helpful for others.

When someone literally suggests you to search for a particular topic on the Google or in internet. You may not find what you are looking for. It's not that easy. Most of the time you will be in looking for a particular something, but end up discovering something else which doesn't serve your purpose. For an example, you can check your smartphone and count the number of applications that you don't use. Similarly, take your personal computer or laptop as an example as well. It may be filled with programs, extensions and applications that you will not even use at all.

Here in this article we have shortlisted some of the websites that are one of the best on the internet for their particular topics they deal with. Hope you will enjoy going through this list...

1. Learn How To Code

Coding isn't that easy, but it isn't that hard either. All you need is a dedication and a good source to begin with. Just blending these two can yield good results and you can be a good at coding or programming. One of the good source to begin your step in the coding is 'Codeacademy'. The chapters over there are simple and learning coding over there is extremely easy. Seriously believe in this article writer who believes in you, this site is capable of making you quite any professional course that you might be taking if you have any. 'Udemy' or 'Lynda' are also good for consideration but, they aren't quite user-friendly as the Almighty Codeacademy.

2. Learn How To Hack 

Hacking is basically the thing which can be done when there is some weakness in someone's coding or programming. In other words, hacking originates on the place where there is weakness. There is this online community on the internet called 'Blackhatworld' which can be a great source to learn things like these. Whether it is about fake likes on facebook, Black-hat SEO, website views, auto-bots, free elite proxies or just anything 'Blackhatworld' is the name that you can go for. However, let me give you a piece of my mind that not to do anything that is not legal because I cannot bail you out from jail.

3. For All Your Questions 

Everybody faces a moment in which there is a question in their head that they aren't able to find the proper answer. If by chance you are in the exact situation, then there are few things that you can do online on the internet. If your question is related to technology, physics, maths, programming, chemistry or anything that is related to the studies then 'Stackoverflow' can be your ideal choice. 'Daniweb' on the other hand is good for queries related to programming as well. Or or or if you are simply curious about a certain topic like your love matters, family matters or something personal or thought that is eating you away and are desperate for an opinion, then just give it a go at 'Quora'

4. Explore The Dark Side Of The Internet 

You may consider things like porn or sex related websites as the ugly side of the internet. However, that is not all. The real ugly side of the internet is something which you have yet to encounter. There are sites that are hidden from the regular users and can be viewed only when certain criteria are fulfilled. This is something that regular people would never discover unless they use some specific programs for anonymity i.e. 'Tor browser'. You may be surprised, but there are sites which are live on the internet in which you can purchase illegal weapons, guns, drugs and things that is just not legal. 'Deepweb' is one of those sites that was created with the view of being anonymous places that host stuffs that are not legal. 'Silkroute' is another site that is known for selling drugs, which is one of the hidden portal on the internet.

5. Automate Processes

Running around in circle is what we do in our lives everyday. And there may be a situation in which we might need to do the same task over and over again. Honestly this is what irritates me the most. But fear not, if your task that you need to do repeatedly is related to simple computer works then there is an application with which you can automate all your steps. With 'JitBit Macro Recorder' you can easily program the macro recorder to locate the patterns on the computer screen and then assign the tasks accordingly. With this application you can use the logical statements as well. The only sad part is that it is not free but it doesn't cost much either. You can use its trial version to get the idea how it can be used.

6. Make Money With Your Skills 

Lets say you are expert on a certain topic. You have good knowledge over it but the hard part there is not a single clients for you to work for. Finding clients isn't easy, you'll need to advertise about your service, create a proper team and complete many other requirements. But there is a site like 'Freelancer' which can help you on this matter. You can directly work from your home for a particular client. Things like the charges for the work you perform, the work which you will be doing and all can be easily discussed before your work. All you will be needing is an internet connection and the ability to perform the quoted task on the deadline. Whether you are a programmer, designer or a consultant with some exceptional skills Freelancer solves it all. Freelancer is capable of bringing all your clients from all over the globe right to your desktop. There are sites like '99designs', 'Peopleperhour', 'Fiverr', etc. which you can try as well.

7. Improve Your Typing Speed In A Fun Way

There is this website on the internet called 'TypeRacer' in which you can improve your typing speed by participating with other users. You can sign up or participate as Guest without signing up in this website. Basically there will 4-6 other random typers with which you will participate to complete typing a particular paragraph. Those who type fast wins. Try it out it is fun. I recommend you to signup because this way you can know your statistics about your typing like whether it is improving or not, your typing accuracy, etc.

8. Image Search

Okay lets see you have an image which you got from somewhere. But that image is in lower resolution or in small in size. You want a bigger and a better one with good quality. There is this Google's Image Search feature which you can use. All you have to do is drag and drop or upload the image on there and it will list all the possible sources of that particular image which you are searching for. But but but there is something much more better website than Google's Image Search and it is Yandex Image Search. Believe me their image search algorithm is far better than Google's. Try it out yourself to find why I'm boasting about Yandex. (The image which you are searching for should not be your personal photo, Google or Yandex or anyother Image searching website will not give any results for the images which dont have any sources on the internet.)

So this was my list of the website which one must know on the internet. There are bunch of many other websites worth mentioning that you might have already know like IDM, XAMPP, Postimage, Tomshardware, Wordle, Torrent-invites etc. If you have anything worth mentioning then do comment below.

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