Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What is Hard Disk Delays and How to Repair It?

hard drive delays
know all about hard disk delays

What is Hard Disk Delays?

The dictionary meaning of the word DELAY is to make (someone or something) late or slow. And here the term Delays means an error in Hard Disk which completely or partially slows down the access of the sectors of Hard Disk. In other words, Hard Disks will be very slow as there will sectors which will take a long access time.

How to know your Hard Disk have Delays?

If your Hard Disk have Delays then it will show following kinds of symptoms:
  1. Your Hard Disk will take long time to open
  2. You will be unable to add more files to Hard Disk even if there is some free space
  3. Data Loss will occur frequently and Hard Disk may crash time to time
  4. Copying data from the Hard Disk to another medias or vice versa will take longer, longer amount of time. Or lets just say it is impossible to copy to or from that Hard Disk

How to Fix Hard Disk Delays?

Well, if your Hard Disk have delays more than 5-10 then I would suggest you to replace your Hard Disk cuz that kind of Hard Disk is likely to show problems. If the delays are less than 5-10 then you can fix it with the help of the tool called HDD Generator. This is an extremely powerful tool which will help you to regenerate your Hard Disk and fix your Hard Disk Delays problem.

How to Download HDD Generator?

Well you can download HDD Generator from their official site which will give you trail version of that software. You can purchase it too if you like it.

Or if :3

You like the cracked full version of HDD Generator then you can download the software from the torrent site off-course.

But being a civil citizen it is my duty to say the following:
Please support the developers of this software and buy it, if it really solved your problem

How to run HDD Generator?

You can run and fix your Hard Disk Delays problem through this tutorial here >> Click Here. There is the picture by picture steps which is very easy to understand and implement.

I don't have delays in my Hard Disk. Is the software important for me?

Well off-course it is important. Because you never know when issues relating to Hard Disk Delays may occur in the future when your Hard Disk turns old. And the other reason why should you have this software is that it not only scans for your Hard Disk Delays but it also scans and recovers your Bad Sectors.


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  4. I have used it for many years and works in Windows operating system but you are advise to create bootable cd or usb if delays are found this particularly applies for exHDD as well when running in windows environment. You will have to have legacy boot in your BIOS because HDD Generator will not work with UEFI

  5. Supplied by support at HDD Generator: In order to use the current version of the bootable regenerating flash/CD/DVD, the computer has to support a legacy BIOS boot mode.
    Unfortunately, UEFI boot mode is not supported by the current version of the product.

  6. I have delay problems in a sata laptop hard drive, and I ran the HDD on it but delays still remain. Any suggestion about it. Thanks in advance