Sunday, July 31, 2022

Free League Code of Fantasy Premier League 2022-2023 For Nepalese

Premier League is less than a week away. If you guys are onto Fantasy Premier League and are interesting in joining free leagues offering cash prize for the top scorers then this post is for you guys. 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Windows 11 Running Slow? Fix It With These Quick Steps

Windows 11 was released by Microsoft on October 2021 and as expected there are still some underlying bugs and issues which is currently being fixed by Microsoft. Yet, some of those issues are still existing on the Windows 11. Those of you who are facing the lagging issue on Windows 11 head straight to the quick steps to fix the issue on Windows 11 below.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Gaming Tips For Game Knighthood For Beginners

Well its corona lockdown time here in Nepal and during this lockdown period I was quite hooked up with an android game called Knighthood. During my childhood days I was a big fan of the role-playing game Final Fantasy game series. And Knighthood gave me the similar kind of vibe and it took me no time to grasp what is to be done and how to play it and all.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Facebook is Blocking Users for 72 Hours for Sharing a Simple Picture

For the past week, hundreds of Facebook users have been blocked for a period of 72 hours for being the victim of a weird pic-sharing scam.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Why You Should Meditate During Nepal Lockdown

Covid-19 has sent over a third of the world population under some type of lockdown. It’s a global pandemic already. And common sense tells us it will soon be a major global stressor. Don’t believe me?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Nepalese Government Really Should Change Their View On Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

The law made during the Nineties is the base of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, being illegal in Nepal. The government must be open to adapting new technology. Innovation needs to drive policies not the other way around

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Nepali Typing Keyboard Setup for Your Android and iPhone

There are many apps on Google playstore with which you can setup Nepali keyboard on your Android smartphone. There are apps like Hamro Nepali Keyboard, Easy Nepali Keyboard, Nepali Keyboard and much more on Google Playstore which are available for free.

I've tested and used nearly all of them but I find the following one perfect than all of them. So guys here I'm sharing a tip on how to setup Nepali keyboard that is sooo perfect for your Android smartphones.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Random Stuffs About Me

I was born and raised here in Kathmandu. My father was a government office employee at Nepal Telecom and mother house wife. I was the eldest son of my family and I have two sisters. During my childhood I was quite a troublemaker but not in front of my mother. She was quite strict. There is countless occasion in which I got scolded and punished by my mother in the past. Slowly things changed when I entered teenage.

During my school days I was not quite brilliant in studies but I was quite popular among my peers and teachers because of my comical behavior. Cracking jokes in the class was one of my specialty. There are some instances in which I was in quite a trouble because of this behavior during school days. But what I liked about my school was that the teachers were lot more than just teachers. They used to behave us like friends which make my school days one of the rocking event of my life.

Like I told I was not brilliant in studies. I never used to study at home but when the exams were near I was the one of those students who revises things like hell. Which was why I used to suffer from fever most of the time during exams. Suffering from common cold during exams was common for me. I still remember my SLC exam center where I had to bring whole load of tissue papers in my pocket to cover up my runny nose. And the exam invigilator nearly had me expelled from exam thinking those were cheat or something. Well this was one of the memorable moment during my exam time.

I passed SLC with average grades and since my seniors were studying civil engineering the most, I too was quite influenced with them and was interested in joining the Overseer programme for Diploma in Civil Engineering. After finishing my SLC exams I did some Graphics Designing course and Online Job training course on some institute near my home and when I result was published, I made necessary preparation for the entrance exams at Khwopa Engineering College at Chyamasing, Bhaktapur. I gave the entrance over Khwopa and I also gave my entrance exams at Institute of Engineering Thapathali Campus at Kathmandu.

The result was published and I was eligible for half scholarship for Diploma in Civil Engineering at Khwopa but on the other hand on Thapathali I was not eligible for scholarship at Civil Engineering but was eligible for full scholarship on another programme which was Computer Engineering. Since I was quite a gamer and used to spend hours in front of computer doing just random stuffs like net surfing, blogging and all I made a career changing decision of my life that time which was to join Computer Engineering at Thapathali Campus.

Why wouldn’t I since there was full scholarship waiting for me and being a middle class family I thought that would be quite a relief for my parents. Diploma in Computer Engineering semester was on its way and there was like six months long gap. To utilize my free time I fiddle up with online jobs. And by the time I joined the college I was able to made my pocket money from doing online jobs. I never had to beg for pocket money from my parents and this I think is still one of my proudest moment of my life.

During my engineering course study, I was had to work on workshops, carry out welding, engineering drawing and all. This was all quite fun to do in the beginning but became irritating as the days passed. The only thing I was interested in doing was Engineering drawing since the ma’am who taught us that was quite hot. The first semester passed and we entered more on our course content for computer engineering.

During my school days I was quite weak at Mathematics and even in the college days the same subject used to haunt me like hell. We had to study the same subject for three semesters and all those semesters I was just just pass. Thinking back I think I was lucky because I had my colleagues who were doing back papers for the same subjects even at the end of my college days at Thapathali.

College days were fun. Since it was the government college it was not strict. Teachers were frank and friendly. No homeworks was the best part. The only thing that bothered me was the viva and practicals in which the attendance was mandatory. Most of my time in my college days used to pass on table tennis board because I was fond of playing that.

What I remember the most of my college days is the exam day. Because the government was not quite stable that time and occasional strike used to happen. And all public transportation used to be halt. Since exams of our college never used to postpone even on strike we student had to walk to our college to do the exams. And the sad part the distance from my home to college was one and half hour walk. But I managed doing that since I had friends who used to walk three hours from their home to college during those strikes.

I never had any back papers in any semester but due to my misfortune I got one on a theory subject which I believe was good infact very good. I appealed for copy recheck but still that didn’t helped me. Later I did the back paper of that subject and secured exceptional marks. Till this day, I still believe that there was something wrong with that subject’s exam since theory subjects were my specialty. Well I don’t bother since what’s done is done.

I graduated from Thapathali and was jobless for a moment. But that doesn’t mean I was sitting idle at my home that time. I was hooked up with online jobs which helped me earn few bucks infact quite some more. With the money I even went to Varanasi with my friends. Those were the days.

Back in my college days I taught one of my friend about online jobs. Later the same colleague helped me on finding one job for me as a computer technician after my graduation. I worked diligently on the company as a hardware computer technician and our job was to roam around offices and fix hardware issues and provide technical support. As days progressed I was placed on Radisson Hotel Kathmandu as an standby support from my company. I worked nearly for a year in the same post in the same hotel and seeing my work Radisson offered me a post as a IT Assistant. Here I’m now working in the same hotel.