Friday, January 27, 2017

Video Tutorials: Learn HTML and CSS In 30 Days

Basically this was one of those video tutorials which was with me in one of my portable hard disk. I find this tutorial quite helpful so I'm sharing it here in my blog to everyone.

Before you begin your download there are few things that I would like to say about this tutorial:
  • This is not my tutorial, I do not want to take credit for anything and all credit goes to the person who is tutoring you in this tutorial
  • Download link is below, you just need to click there and start your download. It would be better if you download using Internet Download Manager. You'll be needing file extracting software to extract it. For example. 7zip or Winrar will do.
  • And lastly, the download is safe. There is no any virus and all. I don't want to ruin my blog by spreading malware on another people's computer

Course Content

Download (973 MB)

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