Sunday, July 24, 2016

Xiaomi Redmi 2 USB Connection Not Working

Picture of Redmi 2 HM 2LTE-SA
Xiaomi Redmi 2 USB Connection Not Working
Well I’m a Xiaomi Smartphone user and I have a Xiaomi Redmi 2 with the model number HM 2LTE-SA. Recently I faced a little issue with my phone. I connected my phone with a USB cable, phone shows that it is charging which is normal but It didn’t show any kind of connection with the PC and I was unable to transfer my files to my smartphone.

I searched for the solution to my problem like hell.. and finally found it after a long discussion on the miui forum. So, to help some of my fellow Xiaomi Smartphone users I decided to post solution to this typical problem in my blog too. Hope this helps….


First of all, you need enable USB debugging in Developers Options inside the Settings Menu.

Q: Why are there are no Developer Options in Redmi 2? How do I enable USB debugging?
A: When you connect your phone to a PC to manage the phone through third-party software, it may prompt you to enable the USB debugging option. The USB debugging function can be found in the phone’s Developer Options. But for Android 4.2 and higher versions, Google hides the Developer Options, by default. Since Redmi 2 employs Android 4.4.4, the Developer Options on the phone are hidden.

Method to enable Developer Options: Go to “Settings” >> “About Phone” >> “MIUI Version” (tap seven times).

Now “Developer Options” is enabled.

To view go to “Settings” >> “Additional settings” >> “”Developer Options”.

You can now enable USB debugging in Developer Options.

Now, you have to enable your MTP connection. Just plug that USB cable out from your PC and connect it once again. It should give you the option to connect as a media device.

MIUI MTP Connection Problem
USB options for MTP and PTP connection
Choose that option and enable the MTP to connect your device with your PC. That’s all…


If by chance the option like above didn’t pop up then you can download one app on Google Playstore called MIUI USB Settings. Install it, then connect your device with your PC and enable the MTP connection…


  1. Tmabém tive esse problema. Segui os passos que vc dize, e deu certo. voltou a funcionar

  2. Thank you very much.....I've been searching for this for hours!!

  3. thank you very very much yar........realy thanks for this solution

  4. Hello,
    I have a problem with my Xiamo Redmi note 2.
    The debugging option was working well until a few weeks ago.
    I tried to restart my phone, to restart the developer options, to restart the debugging connection, but nothing works.
    Is anybody aware of some help?
    Thank you,

  5. THANX. IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APPRECIATED

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