Saturday, October 22, 2016

How To Remove Paypal Limitation and Restore Account Access

paypal access blocked

The term PayPal Account Limited means that you will be restricted to use your PayPal account at all or partially. Paypal limits an account for various reasons and depending upon that the user can take action to get it back to the previous working state. But first let us know why the PayPal account gets limited.

Why PayPal Blocks Account???

Based on the majority of experiences and stories of the PayPal users, here are some of the possible reasons:
  1. You are using multiple PayPal account at once
  2. You are involved in some kind of phishing scam, for example you visit a url in an email which was from a fake PayPal site
  3. You added the personal details which is blacklisted in PayPal, for example, the name of the house or apartment in the address field of Paypal, or the phone number or something else which were previously occupied and used by a blacklisted person which he used for his PayPal account
  4. You were assigned an blacklisted IP address by your ISP, in other words, IP address which was used by a blacklisted PayPal user earlier for his illegal purposes
  5. You were involved in the transaction (sending and receiving money) with a PayPal user who is recently marked in blacklisted,
  6. You sold certain goods to a person in PayPal who later questioned it's authenticity.
  7. You bought certain goods from a person who had someone else question the integrity of what they sold to you.
  8. You added a credit card or bank account that was already used by someone earlier.
  9. You accessed PayPal at a certain location lets say a friends house one time, and that friends account was in limited or frozen condition. Same thing can be applied to this case too. Lets say, your friend used your computer to access their PayPal account, which was in frozen condition.
  10. You bought or sold an item through the PayPal that is a common item often sold by an thug person who used PayPal to steal
  11. You accessed PayPal account from an anonymous proxy service.
  12. You were involved in the transaction (sending and receiving) involving more than $2000 with someone.
  13. You were involved (knowingly or unknowingly) in the "work at home" money shuffling scam

Paypal Freeze My Account. How Do I Get My Money Back?

First of all, you have to make sure which of the above reasons caused your account to be frozen. When you find which of the above reason did that you can begin contacting PayPal. Remember you should never accuse PayPal for anything and you have to be polite with them at all times when you are describing about your problems with your account. And also remember, depending upon the reasons mentioned above, it might take time and effort to get your account up and running. But in most cases you might need to kiss your account GoodBye too.

Well lets begin what you can do on what situation. Sometimes, PayPal freezes your accounting accusing you of being someone else (probably the person who they kicked out from PayPal because of the violations of terms and agreement). In this kind of situation you have to convince PayPal that you are not that person. In most of these cases, PayPal will not be believing anything you say so easily. So, you have to keep calm and tell them about your views and proofs to show your innocence.

Sometimes they block your account when your phone number and the address are the same ones used by a someone else (someone who had their account blocked from PayPal). In this case, you can try showing PayPal that their information are old and outdated. And if they are blocking your account in case of the blacklisted IP address or ISP then you'll need to prove PayPal that when you got your ISP and IP address, it's not at the same time as when the blacklisted person allegedly used it.

There are cases too when PayPal blocks your account when you perform your transaction like sending and receiving money with a person who is said to be thief by PayPal. This is really a dangerous case because this kind of issues is nearly impossible to resolve. If you have made more than one transactions with a account PayPal has determined is fraudulent, then the game is pretty much over.

The only way which we could suggest you is that you have to challenge the assessment made on the other account. And the other thing you can do is that you have to work with that other party with which you perform your transaction and prove to PayPal that they are wrong in their determination. You can try hiring lawyer and spending more money. So, it would be much better to make sure you are performing your transaction with a trusted PayPal user. As there is a saying called 'Prevention is better than Cure'.

There might also be the case in which you used a friends computer or they used yours. And this case is also too difficult to handle. And likewise there are many reasons which we have listed above. So, we would like you to suggest to write a letter to the attorney general of Nebraska, California and your state (your government). You can tell them what actually happened and ask them to investigate about it. You can get their information on this link click here. Or you can try hiring a local attorney to write a letter on your behalf.

In most of the cases what we've found is that PayPal mostly ignores user complaints, faxes, phone calls and emails, but they do response to government investigators and private lawyers. And yeah all of this is going to be expensive. If huge amount of money is stuck in your account then you can do these.


  1. interesting. but i dont think paypal will provide the access to the account which they have blocked for particular reason. especially if the account has loads of money in it. paypal sucks you know. so is there customer support.

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