Sunday, July 24, 2016

How To Create A Strong Defense Against Hackers

how to keep yourself safe from hackers

As we all know that hacking is the mostly discussed topic in the world. And people are constantly thinking about the things like how to stay safe from hackers and the things like block hackers, protection from hackers or stop hackers.

That's the reason why I thought to create a article on how to create a strong defense against hackers for your personal computers.

Selection of Anti-Virus

Stage one of any secured system is anti-virus so selecting a good anti-virus is must to block hackers. For general users who use their PC for browsing, gaming, movies and music a free anti-virus is good to go. My personal favor is AVG . 

Please note that there are several fakefree anti-virus online which are nothing but malicious codes so its better to download those which are well known and from their official sites only. For those who use their computer for transactional purposes like online banking, purchase of goods, making online payments, wire transfer, donations, paid subscriptions or services should specially opt for complete Internet Security Suite.

Selecting A Firewall

For general users a free firewall is good choice for protection from hackers. Following are some good and reputed firewalls which you can opt for,
  1. Online Armour
  2. Zone Alarm
  3. Comodo Firewall
  4. Private Firewall

I personally use Online Armour. Out of all free firewalls I have tried so far no one beats Online Armour's power. For those who want a paid firewall protection can opt paid versions of above firewall. 

One important thing about firewalls is that firewall have too many settings and unless you set them properly using a firewall will become a bee in nose business so while setting up firewall take little time to understand settings else you will just end up irritated using firewall.

Selecting A Sandbox Software

At present all I can say is Sandboxie is only sandbox software that I want to suggest for all kinds of sandbox needs for a Personal Computer. The most lovable part of sandboxie is its is free. So never trust any file received from anyone via pen drive, email attachments or software downloaded from unknown site, hacker's site or pirate site. 

Run all of them using sanboxie and you'll keep yourself safe against all kinds of malwares including viruses, worms, spywares and trojans.

Selecting A Keyboard Protection

The best free keyboard protection software is Key Scrambler. It have keys encryption mechanism which protects your keystrokes from being stolen by others using Spyware, Trojans and online malicious web application or code. Try to use a keyboard with USB connector and not PS/2.

Selecting A Virtual PC Emulator

A virtual PC emulator is necessary for everybody today. You can not trust any executable file, text file, document file, image, music or video file downloaded from a unknown site. Visit any untrusted website and open any untrusted file in virtual PC Emulator. Oracle Virtual Box is good choice for one and all but if you want some real professional features you can opt VMWare.

Selecting Your Web Browser

As we all know Mozilla Firefox is not only world's most trusted trusted browser but also a web browser with several addons and plug ins. As a personal advise I ask everybody to use Firefox and not IE. If you not want to use Firefox opt Google Chrome.

Lastly to protect yourself from session hacking and cookie stealing never open links received in emails, don't click spam links in social networking sites and never use a computer in shared environment.

Don't forget to add your own ways to protect yourself by hacking below in comment section.We will add it to the post with your name.

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