Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Nepali Typing Keyboard Setup for Your Android and iPhone

There are many apps on Google playstore with which you can setup Nepali keyboard on your Android smartphone. There are apps like Hamro Nepali Keyboard, Easy Nepali Keyboard, Nepali Keyboard and much more on Google Playstore which are available for free.

I've tested and used nearly all of them but I find the following one perfect than all of them. So guys here I'm sharing a tip on how to setup Nepali keyboard that is sooo perfect for your Android smartphones.

How to Get Nepali Typing Keyboard on Android?

People mostly are using the third party apps like Hamro Nepali Keyboard, Nepali Keyboard etc. and some go to Nepali typing online , type there and copy paste into the app. You do not need to do so. Just use Gboard, a keyboard from Google. In most of the android phone Gboard is already there in your phone. Try and look into the Google folder on your phone. If the Gboard is not already present in your phone, you can simply download it from the Google play store.

Once you have downloaded the Gboard into your phone.

  • Go to the Setting
  • Tap on the General management
  • Now tap on the Language and input
  • Tap on the Default keyboard
  • Select Gboard from the list
You have selected Gboard as your default keyboard. Furthermore, its time now to add the Nepali language on the keyboard.
Go to the Gboard app and tap on it
You will see the different settings and right at the top you can see the Languages tab.
Tap on this Languages tab and then tap on the Add Keyboard which is at the bottom.
You will see the different languages available there. Scroll down and choose Nepali(Nepal)
Once selected Gboard will start downloading the Nepali language file. Once it finishes the downloading process you can easily use the Nepali typing keyboard.

Since you have already selected this Gboard keyboard as the default keyboard, it will appear on every application that you need to type on.

You can simply toggle the different languages on your keyboard by simply taping the world globe icon left next to the space bar.

Once you tap the Globe icon, English will be displayed and if you tap again another language say it Nepali is displayed.

This above setting is done on the Android Oreo 8.0

If you use the other version other than the Oreo 8.0, the process and the terms might be slightly different.

How to Get Nepali Typing Keyboard on iPhone or iPad ?

iPhone and IOS does the bit tricky. The Gboard is not already available there. You need to install it. So first go to the IOS App Store and search for Gboard.
Please note that Gboard is only available on IOS 9.0 and above. So if your iPhone or iPad is running IOS 9.0 or above can only have Gboard.
Once you install Gboard, time now to make it your main keyboard on your iPhone or iPad
  • Open Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Now tap on Keyboard and then Keyboards
  • Tap on the Edit at the top right corner and tap on Reorder
  • Drag the Gboard at the top.
  • And then tap on Done.
You have set up Google keyboard Gboard your default keyboard. You need to add Nepali language now.
To do so
  • Open Gboard on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on Languages and then Add languages.
  • Select Nepali(Nepal)
Now you can use Gboard and toggle the languages in between using the globe icon on the Gboard keyboard.

You may also need to allow full access to get the optimum features from Gboard.

Allow Full Acces

  • Open Gboard on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on Enabling full access
  • Now Tap Get started
  • And tap on Keyboards
  • Choose Gboard
  • And tap on Allow full access and toggle the button to On.
Hope, this tutorial will help you to eliminate Nepali typing keyboard download or use of English to Nepali keyboard.

Finally, If you need any further assistance you can simply leave the comment below.

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