Sunday, April 19, 2020

Gaming Tips For Game Knighthood For Beginners

Well its corona lockdown time here in Nepal and during this lockdown period I was quite hooked up with an android game called Knighthood. During my childhood days I was a big fan of the role-playing game Final Fantasy game series. And Knighthood gave me the similar kind of vibe and it took me no time to grasp what is to be done and how to play it and all.

So, moving onto the topic here in this post I'll be sharing some important gaming tips which may help the beginners who are planning to play this game for a while. Hope these tips will be useful for you.

Look For An Active Guild And Join

The sooner you join an active guild it is better. There are weekly pools that rewards you legendary heroes and completing and contributing in guilds help you in obtaining rarer items.

Focus Obtaining Hero Titania

I believe Titania is one of the best hero in this game. She is a rare Hero which is not hard to obtain. She is the only Hero in the game with two pure healing ability. Both her base power and rage power is to restore health and armor for your knight.

Save All Your Chests

Patience is a virtue my friend. I recommend all the players to save all your customization, gem, equipment and hero chests. Opening 10 chests at once will guarantee you an epic item.

Keep Your Gears Dont Dismantle All Of Them

Yeah, You heard it correct. You may think of dismantling your unwanted gears for charms but as the game progresses you will get access to Dwarven Foundry where you can combine and transmute the similar types of gear to a rarer and stronger gear which can help you in upcoming battles.

Farming Gold In The Game Knighthood

Well at the beginning phase of the game you wont be needing gold in that much amount. But as the game slowly progress on farming gold for this game Knighthood will be a giant pain in the ass. As you will be needing it for various purpose like using it for transmuting gears in Dwarven Foundry, buying equipments and gears from shops, upgrading your heroes etc.

You can watch ads in the game for like 30 seconds which will give you the random amount of gold coins from 300 to 3k and sometimes gems as well. But it aint gonna be enough. So what you can do is dismantle the Blademan's Backpack or the Spearman's Shield which you can claim by wining Versus Arena Battles. Each of them costs you 500 Arena Points on Champion's Reward Merchant shop. Dismantling each of them will give you 37,500 gold coins. Later on you can earn Arena Points and buy the same items from the same shop.

Further tips will be updated soon... Keep checking this post back


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