Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Street Fighter Ex2 Plus

Street Fighter Ex2 Plus

Street Fighter Ex2 Plus is the updated version of the game Street Fighter Ex2 which was released in June 11, 1999 in the arcade. This game was popular in the arcade because of its features like Guard Break, Super Canceling, Excel Combos, Super Combos and Meteor Combos etc. Even today this game has managed to make its place in the arcades and is equally popular among other games.

Why Street Fighter Ex2 Plus???

Street Fighter Ex2 only had the Super Combos and Excel Combos but in Street Fighter EX2 Plus a new feature was included "Meteor Combos", more powerful versions of Super Combos which can only be performed by filling up all three stocks of the Super Combo gauge.

Characters Featured

Altogether, this game features 24 characters. And 4 of them are hidden characters which the player has to unlock after fulfilling certain conditions. The playable character that are available in Street Fighter Ex2 Plus are as follow:

Guile, Vega, M. Bison, Sagat, Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun Li, Zanzief, Dhalsim, Blanka, Doctrine Dark, Hokuto, Nanase, Cracker Jack, Volcano Rosso, Area, Pullum Purna, Darun Mister, Skullomania and Sharon.

And 4 hidden characters of Street Fighter Ex2 Plus are:
Kairi, Shadow Giest, Garuda and Hayate

Fighting Bison II

There is a non selectable character, a version of M. Bison called "Bison II" (we used to call it White Bison) which appears as an opponent in single player arcade mode. But certain conditions should be met to make him appear to challenge the player. The conditons that the player must fulfill to make Bison II challege for fight are as follows:
  1. Player cannot lose a single round
  2. Player has to make a challenger challenge the player in 3rd or 4th round (Challenger will be Shadow Giest if the player uses 5 or more excel combos or Kairi if the player uses Super Combos or above to finish the first two opponents)
  3. Defeat and finish M. Bison with Super Combos or above
Bison II is a more powerful version of M. Bison and has unlimited amount of SC gauge. Bison II will immediately challenge the player to a single round fight when all above criterias are fulfilled.

My Thoughts

Well this game just defines my childhood. Still brings tears of joy to my eyes remembering all those time, effort and money that I spent on the arcade along with my homies just to play this game. Those were the days...

Regarding This Download

Street Fighter Ex2 Plus is an arcade Playstation game. But I've played this game number of times on my Windows PC emulating with PCSX2 which is a Playstation emulator. But here I've another copy of this game which doesn't require any of these emulating software. This copy just has a .exe file. You just have to open it that's all...

I don't know from where I get the copy of this game, but this one is great. The downside is that it has low resolution so, it'll be better if you play it by windowing the screen. The total size of this game is just 20 MB.

And the other thing is that this game is in english but the menus and all are in foreign language. You can change it into English but you have to change it each time when you open this game. So, don't bother changing it time to time, just learn which menus and which options are for what purpose and you should be okay to begin your gameplay...

as you can see I've unlocked all characters, this is from the save file which you can load in this game
I have a save file in which I've unlocked all the hidden characters Shadow Giest, Garuda, Kairi and Hayate. (Yeah Hayate as well)... All available things are unlocked in this save file. You just have to load the file to get all those things. Simple isn't it...

Download Save File
password: pcstuffs4u.blogspot.com


  1. bro is the game only of 21.2 mb???

    1. Yes... there are significant decrease in the game graphics.. other than that there is no issues