Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How To Download Instagram Stories

Instagram seems pretty simple to use. But once you get involved with its Stories feature, things get a tad fiddly.

Let’s say your mate posts a video on their Stories. Naturally you want to watch it, and then download it for looking at outside the app later on. 

However, there is no option on the app itself to save a ‘story’. Luckily other apps are here to help you save a video, or photo, for examining at a later date. 

So here is how you can do it, depending on whether you have an iPhone (IOS) or different sort of phone, like a Samsung (Android).


  • Go to the App Store. 
  • Download Story Reposter
  • Open the app, then search the username of the person whose video / pic you want (the profile has to be public). 
  • Select the photo or video you want to save. 
  • Tap the download button, then the save button, to save to your phone. 
  • Go to your camera roll to check out the thing you’ve saved. 


  • Go to the Play Store. 
  • Download Story Saver
  • Open Story Saver and log in to your Instagram account. 
  • Check out all the Stories from your followers on your main Story Saver page, or search a username to look at others. 
  • Simply select the photo or vid you want and hit save. 
  • This will then show up in a StorySaver folder in your phone’s gallery of pics. 
Regardless of what phone you have, you can also use the website StoriesIG to search a username and save their Story if their account is not private.

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