Thursday, August 16, 2018

Video Tutorials: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (Kali Linux)

About this course:

Ethical Hacking (EH) and Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) Course is IT Security (Offensive) Security Course that teaches you how to find vulnerabilities (bugs or loopholes, like coding mistakes, configuration mistakes or errors etc) in any applications and Network infrastructures including networking devices, mobiles etc- Web Application Penetration is specific to digging the same specific to web applications.

Ethical Hacking for Computer Security

Ethical hackers are computer security experts who focus on penetration testing and weaknesses in an organization’s information systems.

Using the same destructive techniques of intruders, ethical hackers are able to produce security evaluations with information about vulnerabilities and recommend potential solutions.

Students will be shown how to gather information intelligence, find web application and system security vulnerabilities, how to scan using Nmap and bypass IDS protected targets, how to hack clients using modern web browsers and how to collect important information once a system has been hacked into. This course is ideal for web developers, IT security professionals, network engineers, Windows and Linux administrators, security engineers, database administrators and webmasters as well as anyone interested in learning basic ethical hacking techniques. Upon completion, students will be able to apply ethical hacking practices to identify potential weaknesses, and understand the moves hackers would make to attempt to exploit a system. Students will also have the knowledge to recommend security measures that will make systems more impenetrable to hackers.

Category :

IT & Software

What does this course contain?

  • Network Security Tools
  • Web security Tools
  • Metasploit Advanced
  • Advanced Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Ethical hacking

By the end of course you will learn how to use different web security tools and network security tools
  • You will learn how to Develop Windows Exploits
  • You will learn how to find and exploit Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • You will learn windows and Linux Tactical Post Exploitation Techniques
  • You will learn how to exploit Windows and Linux Systems
  • You will learn how to find vulnerabilities in your target infrastructure
  • You will learn how to find open ports your target
  • You will be able to gather information about your target

Course Requirements

Computer and Network Experts
Laptops with minimum 2GB RAM, Virtual Box, Windows operating system, 80GB HDD free space

Who can participate

white hat
black hat
College students
Software developers, programmers
IT, System & Network Admins
IT Managers & CISCO
Computer Science Students
IT Security Auditors
Ethical Hacking studying students
Database administrators
Security engineers
Windows and Linux Administrators
Network engineers
IT security professionals
Web developers
Anyone want to learn how to hack


3GB / 2GB


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