Sunday, December 4, 2016

Troubleshooting Unfortunately App Has Stopped Problem on Android Devices

Lately, most of the android devices are showing a specific kind of error messages. These errors pop up time to time and informs that a certain app has crashed or stopped. The surprising part of this error message is that it says a app has crashed or stopped which you have never ever installed in your android device. And to make the matter worse, the error keeps on popping up randomly and not only it pops up but also slows down your whole android process.

According to my research, some of the error messages may look like below:
  • "unfortunately measure has stopped"
  • "unfortunately pro has stopped"
  • "unfortunately adobe air has stopped"
  • "unfortunately systeminfo has stopped"
  • "unfortunately ikeyboard has stopped"
  • "etc"
So, what can we do to solve this kind of problem. Here, in this post, we will be discussing some solution to this problem, know about its cause, and if you are new to this issue then we will also discuss how prevent it from happening in your android device.

Cause of the Problem

Well to be straight this is a Trojan (virus) and malware problem. Because the app which are mentioned here are all off-course not installed by users. Some of you may have tried clearing cache or clearing the data by locating the troublesome app (app which is showing the problem) on the applications manager section under the settings panel

Some of you may even have tried restoring the phone or factory resetting. But in the end issues remains the same. Even un-installation of the app or factory reset cannot remove this app from your android device. And even if they are removed, they come back again. It is a nature of the virus to keep on clinging to its host. So, these good for nothing app acting shits are all trojans and malwares.

Solution to the Problem

Actually, I haven't got the permanent or the full proof solution of this problem yet. But, here I'll be mentioning some of the steps which have worked for me and most of my colleagues and friends. Actually the step which I'll be mentioning here involves disabling of those app with a third party app called clean master. Download it from google playstore.

  1. After installing the clean master open it. There will be four main options Junk Files, Phone Boost, Antivirus and App Manager
  2. Go to Antivirus, it will automatically scan for trojans and malwares. Disable any thing that is acting as malware or trojans. It will be better if you install CM security sub app of clean master too.
  3. Now go to App Manager. On the Uninstall tab look below there will be Pre-installed apps tab. Go there
  4. The scanning of Pre-installed apps begins. Go below there will be Cannot disable option. Go there
  5. There will be some warning messages like Disabling these apps may cause device issues, proceed with caution. Yeah, it is true. If you disable the wrong app your device might go crazy. But relax we are here to disable the trojans and malwares which are acting like Pre-installed apps. Now search and disable those apps which is crashing in your device like adobe air, measure, pro, ikeyboard, systeminfo etc.
  6. That's all you're done.

Why is there a need of this third party app. Isn't there the option to disable the app in the applications manager panel?

Yeah, there is the option to disable the app on the application manager panel and it may appear to have worked. But those app gets enabled each time you restart your device or connect your device to the internet. So, you can use this app to permanently disable those troublesome Trojans.

Why only Clean Master app?

Well I'm not suggesting you to use Clean Master only. You can use any kinds of third party app which functions like Clean Master. There are many other apps which can help you to disable these Trojans. Choose wisely, and download only from google playstore.

Any other solution?

Yeah there is. You can reinstall the firmware but this is an advance process which I'll be sharing in the future. If you want to try to do that then you can search about it on the internet or google. There are many blogs which have shared how to do it.

Prevention to the Problem

If you are an android user and haven't faced this problem but want to protect your device from these Trojan Apps then you must follow the following steps:
  1. First of all install any kinds of antivirus with high ratings from google playstore
  2. Download and install your apps only from google playstore
  3. Stop installing new kinds of apps which have low ratings on google playstore
  4. Stop browsing porn and untrusted websites. What I found is that majority of my friends and colleagues who suffered from this problem were found to be browsing porn websites on their android devices.

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