Friday, September 23, 2016

Top 10 Most Popular News and Media Websites Of Nepal

Top News Website of Nepal
Top 10 Nepali News Portal
I decided to do a little research on the News and Media related websites of Nepal. So, I have created the list of top 10 most popular news and media website of Nepal. This list was made after a long research on the internet and also on the basis of stats on the sites like Google, Alexa and Similarweb.

Factors like average monthly visits (stats from the months of July to August of 2016), rank in Alexa (As on September 23, 2016) and rank among other Nepali websites (As on September 23) are incorporated to prepare this ranking. So, the ranking goes like this....

onlinekhabar logo

Rank among Nepali Websites: 6
Overall Rank in Alexa: 2,668
Average Monthly Visits: 2.893 M

kantipur logo

 2. Ekantipur

Rank among Nepali Websites: 5
Overall Rank in Alexa: 2,096
Average Monthly Visits: 2.712 M

Rank among Nepali Websites: 7
Overall Rank in Alexa: 7,342
Average Monthly Visits: 1.326 M

Rank among Nepali Websites: 9
Overall Rank in Alexa: 6,143
Average Monthly Visits: 969K

Setopati Logo

Rank among Nepali Websites: 10
Overall Rank in Alexa: 11,666
Average Monthly Visits: 1.577M

Annapurna Post Logo

Rank among Nepali Websites: 11
Overall Rank in Alexa: 8,418
Average Monthly Visits: 681K

Nepali Headlines Logo
Rank among Nepali Websites: 22
Overall Rank in Alexa: 19,175
Average Monthly Visits: 1.498M

Ujyaalo Online Logo
Rank among Nepali Websites: 20
Overall Rank in Alexa: 32,514
Average Monthly Visits: 331K

Imagekhabar Logo
Rank among Nepali Websites: 45
Overall Rank in Alexa: 29,165
Average Monthly Visits: 175K

Nepali Patra Logo
Rank among Nepali Websites: 35
Overall Rank in Alexa: 38,073
Average Monthly Visits: 87K

You are free to post your thoughts about this ranking in the comment section below. 


  1. Now something that I can agree with.

    I found your list extremely helpful in my research as well. I was preparing an article on the top news media websites of Nepal. Most of the sites here exactly matches my findings. The only name that I dont see is THE HIMALAYAN TIMES. Otherwise my list is exactly as yours. And the other thing IMAGEKHABAR is a bit little bit top in my list whereas here it is on number 9.


    1. The Himalayan Times was the name that deserved to be added in the honorable mentions but I didn't add that. The Himalayan Times was like in the 12th or the 13th in my findings.