Monday, July 25, 2016

Search Removed Old Contents Of A Webpage

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So, here is a situation. You are working on a particular project and taking some points or hints from a particular website. You are still working on it but the next day when you try to surf the same page you find the contents deleted or the page has been updated and the contents are missing. Or the content of the webpage is unreachable or the site itself is down. So, what to do in this situation?

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The almighty search engine Google is not only a place where you can search for something. It performs many other tasks which is useful for various purposes. One of those tasks includes storing of the old version of some certain webpages in the cache form. So you can use this feature of google to access that certain page. But remember not all pages on the internet are stored by Google.

To check whether Google has that cache version of the webpage which you are looking for what you can do is:

Type on the browser along with the url of the webpage which you are looking for. 


The result will be like as below:
past view of
old version of certain website stored as cache form by google

And here is another situation. You want to look the contents of the webpage which was there in a certain webpage months or years ago. And now it isn't there. So, what to do then? 

In this situation there are certain websites which can aid you in this kind of situations. All you need is the url of the webpage and search for it. Websites which can help you are as follows:
  1. Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
  2. Cache View
  3. google about them there are more

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