About Me

Who is this guy up in the air???

Yup, that lunatic is me. Hi, this is Sudip Rai. I'm from Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

On the World Wide Web or internet, I'm known with the other handle names like "ChaosLoader" and "Coup d'etat". I'm a die-hart Chelsea Football Club supporter and I basically pass my free time surfing the internet and watching anime. I'm a Computer Engineering graduate and currently, I'm hooked up with my job at Chandragiri Hills Limited as an Information Technology Executive and also at Sync Solutions Private Limited as an Information Technology Consultant.

What I Enjoy Doing???

Besides my job, I'm a blogger and freelance digital marketer from Nepal. I've worked on various projects and helped grow business of various clients through digital platforms. You guys can check my portfolio through the link below. Also I'm a passionate about watching and playing football. Every morning you guys can see me scoring few goals at Baijanti Futsal, Pepsicola, Bhaktapur.


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