Monday, October 22, 2018

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6

What-a-ever game it may be: Call of Duty? or Battlefield? or Halo? or anything else no game get close from the perfection of counter strike online experience. The classic Counter-Strike 1.6 is simply the best, most perfect FPS ever made.

Whether you play it competitively or just pub, this game is endless fun. In terms of competition, it set the standard. With immaculately designed maps that are still being used in competitive play 18 years later, there's a reason the game is still played in mass.

Why Counter-Strike 1.6

It's simply a perfect 5 on 5 game. It's nonstop fun, with no ceiling on how good you can become, how far you can make it. This game is not for those who care about graphics obviously, but simple perfection in game mechanics. I can't get enough and I can't seem to stop coming back to this game, even though I've been playing it since a decade.

It's clean, easy to understand and 100% PURE SKILL... no auto aim, no surprise head shot, foot shot, wall-shot, flash-bang, smoke, grenade, helmet all of them play a part in one of the best GAME PLAY ever made .... well balanced maps (terrorist or counter-terrorist have the same chances of winning... and if it's harder, then don't worry in every matches you switch sides ) 

My Thoughts

Back in the days the maps : nuke/prodigy/aztec/dust/dust2/inferno, were the most common map to play in ... (those were the official map to kick ass) 

Anyway ... a masterpiece

Regarding This Download

Following is the download link of the Counter-Strike 1.6 and some of its versions available right now on the World Wide Web

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